Quality Terms

Market needs

Our customers demand that their suppliers have a Quality Management System that guarantees a concerted quality in the purchase of products that may affect the quality of their activities.


The quality of our materials is a key point for the satisfaction of our customers and for the stability of our services. The System has to guarantee an agreed quality with our suppliers.


We intend to promote the establishment of a lasting relationship with our clients, based on solidity, solvency and experience, thus achieving that the satisfied customers are our main commercial argument, as a differentiating element from our competition.


To provide tailored, technically and economically viable solutions for the projects they propose, as specialists in the field of process engineering.


Promote a culture of respect for the environment and avoid as far as possible the environmental impacts associated with our activity, thus betting on the prevention of pollution and continuous improvement in the management of our energy.


URVA is committed to comply with all these aspects included in this quality policy and to continuously improve the efficiency of the implemented quality system.

Particular objectives

The System has to supply us with the necessary information to be able to measure the objectives of each process derived from the Quality Policy, and these in turn will influence the modification of the system if necessary.

Orientation to clients and interested parties

Our System is adapted to the orientation to clients and other interested parties identified.


We offer a guarantee of quality to our clients, assuring at all times the maximum technical rigor of the developed works. Fulfilling the requirements specified by customers in price, term and quality.


Ability to provide integral solutions thanks to the technical solvency demonstrated in all the fields of action of URVA, able to satisfy the needs of our clients.


Motivate all company personnel, aware that success depends primarily on the active participation of all employees.